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Functional pottery with an appreciation of design, materials and process.  

Christie Goodfellow is a Cincinnati-area potter who has been exploring functional ceramics over the past fourteen years. She has been creating and selling work as CGCERAMICS since 2009 with the belief that handmade objects enrich our everyday lives and connect us to one another. The juxtaposition of clean, simple lines with the vulnerability of form and tactile surfaces reflects her admiration of Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian and Japanese design aesthetics. 

Christie works with mid-range and high-fire stoneware clay bodies and slips that have a warm, earthy palette. Her minimal finishes and straight-forward use of glazes enhance the form and function of each piece while referencing the processes and materials used. Each piece is intended for daily use and is fired to temperatures that make it durable and watertight.


Sprout Home, Chicago www.sprouthome.com

Trailhead Coffee, Newport www.reserbicycle.com/pages/trailheadcoffee

Flowerkraut, Hudson www.flowerkrauthudson.com
Sprout Home, Brooklyn www.sprouthome.com

Brush Factory Home, Cincinnati www.brushmanufactory.com
Fern, Cincinnati www.fern-shop.com
MiCA 12/v, Cincinnati www.shopmica.com

Shop current collection online www.cgceramics.etsy.com


Elske, Chicago elskerestaurant.com
Momotaro, Chicago www.momotarochicago.com

Please, Cincinnati pleasecincinnati.com
Pleasantry, Cincinnati www.pleasantryotr.com